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What You Need to Know About Charger Plates

What You Need to Know About Charger Plates

You might have been invited to parties or big events that have dramatic setups, gigantic decors, and creative table centerpieces before. It would definitely catch the eyes of the guests. One of the main decors that you can observe in formal events or catered events is the Charger Plate. Although it looks like a dining plate, it serves its different purpose.

What is Charger Plate?

This is a large plate used as a decorative base for other dining ware like entrée plates in formal table settings. It is not meant to come in direct contact with food but is placed underneath to elegantly serve multiple courses of a meal.


Why Should I Use Charger Plates?

Enhance table setting

Its styles and color variations can immensely elevate your table setup. With Charger Plates alone, your table can promote elegance especially for formal events that have to be gracefully styled.

Make food more appetizing

Placing your food on a white entrée plate alone could be somehow too plain for a themed event. Charger plate does its job by adding a hint of color to your food presentation.

Serve as placemats

Aside from its decorating purpose, charger plat is also a great replacement to the traditional placemats. Basically, it prevents your food spills or any pieces of food from messing up your table.

Hold food temperature

Charger plates are also good in retaining the heat of the food you are to serve at your parties. Just place it underneath your dinnerware and let it do its magic.

Used for decoration

Another great way to maximize the use of your charger plate is to make it a colorful base for your table centerpieces. You can think of many decors using charger plates.


In addition, Charger Plates is one of the useful and versatile kitchen collection you could have at home. Aside from its common uses, it can also be uniquely transformed into something else:

  • Can be used to serve cakes
  • Use it as a serving tray
  • Make it your treat tray
  • A family plate (for seasonal occasion)
  • Transform it as a picture-frame

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